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The NaturTech Composting System

The NaturTech Composting System is an in-vessel, containerized composting process using modified 20 to 45 ton Intermodal containers for converting organic resources into valuable compost and soil conditioning products.  The system is recognized as a leading technology in North America for handling a variety of difficult-to-manage waste materials including food scraps and other organics from municipal, industrial and agriculture waste streams as well as biosolids from wastewater treatment plants.

The containerized in-vessel composting system is the state of the art application of forced aeration with temperature control, recognized in various studies and regulatory best management practices (BMPs) as the most advanced composting technology available as measured by the rate of volatile solids reduction and reduction of phytotoxicity effects.  Over 10 facilities have been established with NaturTech system for handling municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste materials in USA and Canada.

The system was recently certified by the U.S. Navy to illustrate the advantages of in-vessel composting and to serve as a demonstration project for the entire U.S. military.  A NaturTech system is currently under construction at the United States Department of Agriculture research station in Beltsville, Maryland processing cafeteria waste from the US Congress, USDA headquarters and the Smithsonian museum.  Its 5 digester system in New Mexico has been expanded to a sixteen digester system.  The US Navy facility at Whidbey Island, Washington has received Compost Facility of the Year awards from the Solid Waste Management Association of America (SWANA) and the US Composting Council.  The Whidbey Island composting operation has received over eighteen additional awards for excellence and performance.

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Renewable Carbon Management, LLC (RCM) sells and licenses the NaturTech Composting System for converting organic materials into value added commodities. We also provide strategic partnerships and operating expertise for the lowest cost and highest environmental performance available.

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