RCM Announces New Mexico State-of-the-Art Composting Facility

Sandoval County leverages new composting technology to serve community.

St. Cloud, Minn. – September 14, 2010 – Renewable Carbon Management, LLC (RCM) announced completion of the Sandoval composting facility using RCM”s patented organic waste conversion system; NaturTech.  RCM completed the installation of a NaturTech Composting System on March 31, 2009 allowing Sandavol County to begin to efficiently and cost effectively, serve the waste composting needs of their constituents.

The NaturTech Composting System is a unique high performing, low operating cost process built for communities requiring an alternative to traditional waste or wastewater treatment  recycling   systems,  that can provide incremental revenue and produce a beneficial end product..  Sandoval County recognized early the advantages of NaturTech as a way to foster the implementation of a sustainable option for composting by installing an affordable organics recovery solution that integrates sustainable agriculture, carbon sequestering, global warming mitigation, pollution prevention, desertification control, and soil restoration.  RCM worked with Sandoval County to provide the NaturTech processing equipment, project management, training, and support.

Sandoval County: Building a Sustainable Community
Sandoval County is building a sustainable community by keeping organics out of the landfills and managing agricultural residuals in a manner that eliminates pollution from fugitive methane, leachate and nitrates.  Sustainable communities begin the process of local self-reliance by first maximizing composting opportunities.  “Protecting our soil and water is a priority for Sandoval County”, stated Robert (Bert) Sanchez, Assistant Director, Sandoval Public Works; Solid Waste Department.  “By partnering with RCM and implementing their NaturTech Composting System, we were able to accomplish our goal in a cost effective way while protecting the environment for our communities of Rio Rancho and Bernalillo.”  Sandoval County is converting waste to much needed top soil for soil erosion management.  This is a perfect example of sustainability in action.   The county’s compost operation has drawn from both local and global municipalities.  Recently, a group from the City of Beijing, China toured the Sandoval site to see sustainability in action and better understand how the technology could be used in Beijing.

The NaturTech system uses a “Containerized” or “In-Vessel” system that is ideal for mitigating or eliminating any odor issues that may arise from conventional methods of composting. It also requires a smaller “foot print.”, than conventional windrow composting.  Public perception is everything. The NaturTech containerized concept is aesthetically pleasing especially when neighborhood encroachment is a concern. Sandoval County has been approached by a number of realtors coming  up to the scale house of the landfill, and asking where is the composting and landfill that is in this area. When things like this happen, you know that you are doing well to blend in with your neighborhood.

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