NaturTech In-Vessel Composting System

The NaturTech Composting System is an affordable, high-performance, patented In-Vessel, containerized composting system that produces uniform and consistent compost, provides pathogen destruction, odor control, and leachate management. NaturTech In-Vessel Composting process uses modified 20 to 45 ton roll-off or Intermodal containers for converting organic resources into valuable compost products.

NaturTech System consists of the following key components:

  • Batch mixer
  • Composting digesters
  • Biofilter Containers
  • Computerized Process Controller
  • Curing systems
  • Product screen
  • Auxiliary equipment (container movers, tippers,
  • conveyors, front-end loader, raw material movers)
  • Plan of operation and training manuals

NaturTech Composting Digesters
NaturTech enclosed roll-off or Intermodal containers are the heart of the process. These composting digesters have the following key characteristics:

  • Reinforced double wall construction
  • Smooth inner wall replaceable insulation lining protected from loader bucket damage.
  • Perforated PP plastic floor
  • 50 MM drain in all 4 corners
  • Gasketed hatch lid option and airtight doors
  • Internal corrosion resistant coating
  • External epoxy paint to ocean shipping specifications
  • Corrosion resistant air distribution floor manifold
  • Quick airline couplers
  • Self-cleaning perforated floors that dump or unload easily, eliminating most aeration floor clogging problems
  • “Beltsville” and “Rutgers” air delivery for oxygenation and temperature control
  • Computerized process control and monitoring
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) with graphic user interface
  • Data Logging
  • Modular biofilters for odor control

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About Our Company
Renewable Carbon Management, LLC (RCM) sells and licenses the NaturTech Composting System for converting organic materials into value added commodities. We also provide strategic partnerships and operating expertise for the lowest cost and highest environmental performance available.

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