Designed for compost operators by compost operators!

The NaturTech Composting System was designed by composting operators delivering the best management practices and process controls at an affordable price.  Reconized as a leading composting technology in North America, Renewable Carbon’s NaturTech technology removes the obstacles and challenges seen in today’s aerated static piles (ASP) and windrow composting processes.

Communities and organizations committed to composting as a way to begin the process of local self-reliance are looking for cost affordable and manageable solutions like NaturTech. NaturTech’s  Intermodal containers for converting organic resources into valuable compost and soil conditioning products is the solution.  Renewable Carbon will design a full organics management program that includes home composting, grasscycling, degradable packaging, source-separated organics recovery, creative collection systems, wastewater biosolids recovery, co-composting, special-waste bioremediation, manure conversion, composting equipment, biofilters, training, project management, remote troubleshooting, financing, compost utilization, and compost marketing.

Our NaturTech Composting System provides the process, the equipment and project management services for affordable organics recovery solutions that integrate sustainable agriculture, carbon sequestering, global warming mitigation, pollution prevention, desertification control, and soil restoration.

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About Our Company
Renewable Carbon Management, LLC (RCM) sells and licenses the NaturTech Composting System for converting organic materials into value added commodities. We also provide strategic partnerships and operating expertise for the lowest cost and highest environmental performance available.

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